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Modern Traditional Wear

A ceremony of spoken promises between the bride and the groom. A day full of importance, planning and excitement. 

With the brides wedding gown being one of the most important parts to your wedding celebrations and planning. Its what the wedding guests most look forward to, the bride and her bridal gown being revealed. 

The brides wedding dress should be just what she has dreamed of, unique, comfortable and self expressed.

About our images: all images you see on our website are pictures sent to us by our clients. There are no stock pictures whatsoever. Our reviews are live from Facebook and image reviews are screen grabs from many clients. Mannequin pictures are taken from our studio.

Traditionally Becoming Modern

traditional african dresses

African print clothing and african dresses are extremely versatile as they can easily be dressed up or down. 

Due to the variety of colours and prints, it makes African fashion more diverse and suitable for several occasions. 

Traditional African clothing is no longer traditional. It has evolved into modern times and is part of modern fashion today. I call it modern traditional fashion.  

African prints can vary in many ways. From simple, subtle colours with small print. To the bold, brighter, larger prints. Sometimes typical african prints are very literal.  

Some of the more popular African prints are known as Ndebele print, Xhosa print, Swati print, Angolan print and Dashiki Print.

  • Ndebele
  • Xhosa
  • Dashiki
  • Angolan
  • Nigerian
  • Swati
Patriotism In Fashion

flag dresses

Be proud of your roots and wear your countries flag as an evening dress, any flag dress that is well designed can make a great statement at your beauty pageant or any stage event.

When going to your favourite sports game. Supporting your national team is a must. Wearing a flag T-shirt or dress shows your encouragement for your team. 

Heritage day is a day to celebrate the different cultures around your country. People celebrate this day by wearing traditional attire or by being patriotic and wear a flag dress or t-shirt.

  • Stage Events
  • Sports Events
  • Heritage Day
  • Proud Country
  • Patriotism
  • Flag Clothing


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Marisela designs fashion for her clients to feel amazing in her haute couture studio in Lisbon. All you have to do is read her comments and see why Marisela is such a great fashion designer. Read more about your sustainable fashion practices.

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Ilne Potgieter
Ilne Potgieter
Modern Traditional Wear 3

Marisela has been designing and creating numerous garments for me. It is a pleasure to interact with Marisela. The services rendered have always been professional and effective. The garments always exceeds my expectations. They are always gorgeous and receive compliments wherever they are worn. You

Danielle Courtney Sagathevan
Danielle Courtney Sagathevan
Modern Traditional Wear 3

Absolutely amazing dresses made. One of a kind that had people staring in awe and amazement. Very professional service offered. I would recommend her to anyone wanting a unique and stunning look.

jenny dippenaar
jenny dippenaar
Modern Traditional Wear 3

A great designer, listens to your needs and sees into your soul, her designs are unique original and totally custom made, for you for that specific occasion. She does her ultimate best to design the garment exactly to your wants and at the same time complimenting you to look and feel your best. Mar

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