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Rushed Dresses

Life is busy, time is short, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look great. We are here to make sure you have a custom made dress that you desire.


Speak to marisela

Step 1: Choose a Design

Add Marisela to Whatsapp or send her a Facebook Message. Discuss your ideas with her. Naturally, we would prefer it if you started doing that right now as this is for a rush dress.


quick and easy

Step 2: Measurements

Having your measurements taken for a rush dress is quick and easy. Plus we give you 2 options. You can either come and see Marisela straight after discussing your dress design, or you can measure yourself from the comfort of your home or office. (Super simple with an explainer video)


Make a payment

Step 3: Make it official

You would need to make a payment to make it official. Then you know for sure that we are taking your order and that your emergency dress will be ready on time. Even if it takes all night!


Collect or deliver

Step 4: Receive your dress

This is the best part. Your rush dress is now complete. With the exact same amount of attention to detail as any of other dresses Marisela has designed. It’s only a matter of collecting your dress or having it delivered.


send pictures

Enjoy the attention

Now its time to wear your dress. Look stunning and grab attention! So send us pictures and leave a review.


Live facebook reviews

Real People
Real Reviews

Ilne Potgieter

Marisela has been designing and creating numerous garments for me. It is a pleasure to interact with Marisela. The services rendered have always been professional and effective. The garments always exceeds my expectations. They are always gorgeous and receive compliments wherever they are worn. You will not be disappointed.

Danielle Courtney Sagathevan

Absolutely amazing dresses made. One of a kind that had people staring in awe and amazement. Very professional service offered. I would recommend her to anyone wanting a unique and stunning look.

jenny dippenaar

A great designer, listens to your needs and sees into your soul, her designs are unique original and totally custom made, for you for that specific occasion. She does her ultimate best to design the garment exactly to your wants and at the same time complimenting you to look and feel your best. Marisela is in love with what she does, and the garment is made with love. Such colour and intricacie in her work.

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