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You can contact me now to discuss your dress and design. It’s important to contact me in advance as I have limited space available. 

Wedding Retinue Dresses

The brides support group

The closest people to the bride and groom is the wedding retinue. They are of huge importance and planning for the bride and her wedding day.

Looking your best is essential, as the bridal party is part of many factors and photo’s of the wedding celebration. 

The dress a bridesmaid or maid of honour chooses to wear should complement the wedding as well as who you are, your figure and most importantly, be a comfortable fit as the wedding day is a long and exciting day with many responsibilities.

Why choose a made per measure dress?

Your size and my size might be the same, but yet our bodies are different.

So it can be hard to find the perfect fit. 

A custom made dress will make sure that you are the only one at that event with that dress, instead of the hundred copies that come from commercial stores. 

We can spend hours if not days, shopping, just to find the same thing in several shops. Where almost all the dresses are similar. So when you have your dress made, your choices become unlimited.

Measure yourself

Great results with our international clients

If you cannot come and see Marisela for measurements, its very easy to send us your measurements. We have had great success with all our clients who have used our measure yourself guidelines.

international orders

Marisela Veludo designs and makes your dress no matter where you are in the world.

With a few simple steps, using our measure yourself instructions and a video tutorial to help you take correct measurements. Your dress will be designed and made to your request.

Your dress is delivered to you for free with a tracking number so you always know where it is.

3 Reasons to have your dress made

Body Proportions

Regardless if you are slinky and slender, or curvy and voluptuous, your fashion will be designed to fit you perfectly, to accentuate the best of you.

Be Different

Do you want to have the same dress that your friend bought a week ago? We don't think so, have it designed and made. So its just for you.

Within Budget

We try to work within your budget. Still creating a dress that you desire.

3 More reasons to have your dress made

You have choices

With advice and guidance from Marisela, we decide on fabrics, finishes and the way your dress fits.

Its a great experience

Having your fashion designed for you is an exciting experience. Nothing will fit better than a fashionable outfit designed by Marisela.

Pattern Choice

It doesn't matter what fabric print you wish to have. We can design it and print it for you.

3 Extra reasons to have your dress made

Colour Choice

Colour has no limit. We get or print any colour you want.

Quality Workmanship

With experience since 2001, your dress is made with industrial equipment and experienced staff. Not only this, we use quality fabrics sourced from various suppliers.

No Rental Dresses

We do not rent dresses. Your dress is new and will not have been seen or worn by anyone else.


Need a dress?

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The same bra you are going to wear with your dress, you should bring to your dress fittings


Appointments are scheduled for your and her convenience, so when its time for you, its time only for you.


Bring the shoes/heels that you are going to wear with your dress or similar ones to your fitting.


Advice is good, but too much can be confusing. You should bring two or three people with you to your fitting

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