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Terms & Conditions


These terms and conditions can be requested to be sent to you via email communication or alternatively you can view them online at Passion4Fashion reserves the right to amend or alter these terms & conditions at any given point in time.

Rights to service and premises

Passion4Fashion reserve the right to say no to providing a service and to say no to entering the Passion4Fashion business premises. Passion4Fashion and Marisela Veludo reserve the right to cancel an order. If there is sufficient reason that the order cannot be continued, we will inform you in writing as to the reason why that order can not be continued. The outstanding balance of your invoice will be cancelled and nothing further payment will be owed to Passion4Fashion.

Copying of items

Due to the nature of the business of fashion design, Passion4Fashion is different as we offer a full range of services including, fashion design (when an item is designed for you), alterations/changes, dress making. Marisela Veludo and Passion4Fashion do not copy, duplicate or replicate other companies, designers or individual’s styles. Passion4Fashion and Marisela Veludo are not copy cats.

Clients can send pictures of the items that they would like made as examples and items can be redesigned to fit your needs.

Once you have paid a deposit, Marisela can sketch your dress/item, if you have not sent any pictures as examples of what you want. However, if you have sent pictures as an idea of what you want, a sketch is no longer necessary.


An official quote is created once the design of the item, the date of your occasion (when you need it by), if you are coming for fittings or need it posted to you and if you are happy with the price has all been discussed.

A quote is valid for 60 days, if a deposit has not been paid, the price could change.

After the 1st appointment with Marisela Veludo, if changes have been decided upon, the quote will be changed and resent to you.

Fittings & Collection of your finished item/s

If a client has had their item made by Passion4Fashion and has collected that item. They acknowledge the fact that item/s is complete i.e. beads, accessories, fit, colour and fabric choice and that no further changes or alterations/changes need to be done. Basically you are satisfied with the end results.

Passion4Fashion does not entertain returns as each item is designed per order per individual.

Our price includes all fabrics and finishes of dress (unless otherwise stipulated according to these terms & conditions.), including the 1st meeting for discussion and measurements and 3 further fittings. If more fittings are required by the client, then there is an extra fee for the 1st fitting.

Passion4Fashion does emergency orders. However the emergency order could be within a week or an overnight order. Then the 3 fittings fall away and you will have 1 fitting and a further fitting if time allows for a further fittings. (As it is an emergency order.)

Passion4Fashion books your appointments/fittings in advance and sends notification to the email provided to us by the client. If the client does not make it to the fitting, then you forfeit the right to that fitting unless otherwise prearranged. (At least 24 hours before the time).

If a client has come for their final fitting and everything is fine (100%) but does not take the item because the client has not yet paid the final payment, Passion4Fashion will store the item until 2 weeks after your occasion date (which you gave us) stipulated on your quote/invoice. After that, if you do not collect the item, we have the right to sell or do as we wish with the item, unless you have told us in writing to keep it for you until a specific date. This needs to be agreed upon in writing.

Fittings are provided to clients & during this process, the client has a right to express their opinions and/or concerns.


Payments are required in 2 (two) payments. A 50% deposit or payment is due for the acceptance of the quote (which means you are booked) and the remainder of the outstanding balance is due on collection or completion of the fashion item.

Invoices are emailed to you after each payment has cleared in our account.

No order or work shall be started on any item without proof of payment of the 50% deposit.

Once a payment/deposit (non-refundable) has been made, this books your dress with Passion4Fashion and Marisela Veludo.

Once the deposit (non-refundable) has been made, it means that you agree to the description/picture of the fashion item that is on the quote, discussed between you and Marisela Veludo. If you change the design/look of the dress, after a deposit has been made, there may be an extra charge if the fabrics and materials have been purchased for the initial design differ.

If you decide that you no longer want to have your items made by Passion4Fashion and Marisela Veludo, the 50% deposit is non-refundable under any circumstances.

The 50% deposit goes towards the following:

  • Fabric purchases
  • Travelling Costs
  • Searching for specific items (i.e., exclusive lace, specific colours, beads, etc.)
  • Time
  • Consultations
  • Sketches
  • Administration


Refunds are made under the following conditions:

If after delivery (for clients that choose to have their fashion couriered to them), if the item does not fit and cannot be altered/changed/changed to fit in any way possible. A 50% refund will be granted. However, if the garment was made using your measurements and is found that your measurements are incorrect, no refund shall be granted. If the error was on Passion4Fashion’s side, a 50% refund shall be granted provided that the item is irreparable.
In the case that the item can be altered/changed, return postage fee’s will be billed to the client and alterations/changes to the item shall be at no cost, Passion4Fashion will pay for the return postage to the client.

Alterations/changes of non Passion4Fashion item refund:

If pinned or marked by you, no refunds
If altering a non Passion4Fashion item, cut off or off cast’s of fabrics, beads, bling, lace & haberdashery are disposed of. If you wish to keep the off cuts, you would need to ask Marisela and put it in writing prior to accepting the quote.

Beads, accessories, lace, haberdashery

Changes of Beads, accessories, lace, haberdashery:

Beads, accessories, lace, haberdashery are discussed and decided upon at the 1st consultation with Marisela Veludo, unless otherwise discussed and stated.

Changes of Beads, accessories, lace, haberdashery:

Repositioning is fine unless it is not possible due to the damage of fabric. The final decision will lie with Marisela Veludo.

Adding accessories or beads after you have been quoted, will attract an extra charge due to:

  • Further sewing of beads & accessories
  • Further purchasing of beads & accessories
  • Changing of beads & accessories

If you decide that the colour, shape, size is not what you want any more and if it can be redone, we will redo with the beads, accessories, lace, haberdashery that you want at an extra cost.

The extra cost includes:

  • More sewing of beads, accessories, lace, haberdashery
  • More purchasing of beads, accessories, lace, haberdashery
  • Removing of old beads, accessories, lace, haberdashery


Passion4Fashion uses a variety of zips, including invisible zips on most items as it is generally suitable for evening wear. However, these invisible zips are more delicate.

Passion4Fashion will show you how to open and close the zip at your fittings. Which gives you the opportunity that the zip of your item is in good working condition.

If after you have taken your item and the zip gets damaged, it is your responsibility. You can ask us to repair/replace the zip at an extra costs.

All zips go through a quality checking process, namely;

  • Zip is checked upon purchase.
  • Zip is checked when being sewn in.
  • Zip is checked when item is steamed.
  • Zip is checked when item is placed onto a mannequin for photographing and record keeping.
  • Zip is checked at fittings with you.

We cannot guarantee zips whatsoever as we are not the manufacturers of the zip.


We match fabric colour as best we can to the sample provided by the client. Whether that sample be physical or in an image format. However, fabric colours will never match the colour in pictures that are sent to us. We view these images on computers, laptops, screens, cell phones or tablets as the true colour is never replicated correctly, we cannot guarantee the colours seen on devices or pictures.

Certain fabrics do not work with certain styles. Marisela Veludo will advise you on this. If you still agree to go ahead with the un-preferred fabric choice, we will not be held responsible for the outcome of the finished product. For example, if the fashion item is a VERY TIGHT fitting fashion item, rather go for a stretchy fabric rather than a non-stretch.

Fabric colours and samples can be provided by you or Passion4Fashion, If you provide the sample, you will need to indicate where you purchased the sample from. We will try to buy that fabric for you, in the case that the fabric is no longer available; we will start the sampling process over again.

If a certain type of fabric is required that is over the amount that you were quoted for, we will consult with you first on the purchase of the fabric as this will alter the price of the original quote.

Passion4Fashion quote on the best suited fabrics for the design of the item. If you have a certain fabric in mind, you would need to specify by naming the fabric and put it in writing via email.

Lace/beads/bling/any detail on a picture of a fashion item sent by you will not be the same. We try get lace/beads/bling/any detail within the same concept of the image you supplied if that is your requirement. Bare in mind, almost all images have been edited (Photo shopped), or the picture was taken in another country or sometimes images are drawn via software and the fashion item you see has never been created.

Laces, detailing, finished, or when 2 or more types of fabrics are put together, the tones may vary. However we try and match as close as we can.

We try to get the colour of your choice from multiple suppliers, but if the suppliers do not have stock. We will notify you for a 2nd colour choice.

We are not responsible for colours or prints fading, running or washing out over time or through the washing process.


We do offer an alteration service for alterations/changes to clothing purchased outside of Passion4Fashion.

If a client has had their item made by Passion4Fashion and has taken receipt of that item. They acknowledge the fact that item is to their liking i.e. beads, accessories, fit, colour and fabric choice and that no further changes or alterations/changes need to be done. However, if a client alters the item themselves, i.e. removes beads or detailing, Passion4Fashion will refuse to repair, alter or fix the item. If you want the item altered/changed, Passion4Fashion will quote for an alteration/change to the said item, provided that the item can be altered/changed.

If altering a non Passion4Fashion item, cut off or off cast’s of fabrics, beads, bling, lace & haberdashery are disposed of. If you wish to keep the offcuts, you would need to ask Marisela and put it in writing.

Deliveries & Postage

If items need to be couriered to you, we make use of trusted courier services (for example Aramex). We cannot be held responsible for the loss of post. However, we will provide you with a tracking number and inform you of the date of expected delivery.

Postage fees are paid along with the final payment by the client on completion of the items ordered.

Pictures and Images

Due to the nature of the fashion design business. Marisela Veludo & Passion4Fashion provides a highly personalized service to our clients.

From time to time, local clients may request pictures of fabric samples for either colour or pattern. WE DO NOT SEND PICTURES TO CLIENTS FOR SAMPLING. The reasons for this is:

  • Change of colour in a photographic picture
  • Colours change due to lighting
  • Colours change due to monitor (screen type)
  • Colours change due to camera type
  • Sharpness or crispness of a samples detail can be lost in a picture
  • The “bigger picture” of a sample can be lost. i.e.: a piece of lace may be different on one side to the other, or the pattern of the fabric is very busy, or the pattern of the fabric is too big to be photographed.

Clients that are “local” (a local client is one that has the ability to fit and have a personal meeting with Marisela Veludo) may request that pictures are sent to them of an item that is finished. Marisela Veludo & Passion4Fashion refuse to send pictures to local clients. The reasons for this are as follows:

  • Change of colour in a photographic picture
  • Colours change due to lighting
  • Colours change due to monitor (screen type)
  • Colours change due to camera type
  • Sharpness or crispness of an item’s detail can be lost in a picture
  • The item is designed for your body and not a mannequin, therefore an item might not look correct on a mannequin or a dress maker’s doll.
  • Local clients have fittings, therefore, they see the item (example: dress, skirt etc)

Marisela Veludo, may upon request from the client send a picture of a sample or a finished item to the client upon her own discretion. The client must then take the above detail into consideration. Marisela Veludo and Passion4Fashion reserve the right to refuse to send any images or pictures to the client of samples, partially completed items or completed items.

Specials, gifts & competitions

From time to time, Passion4Fashion may advertise specials, or free items for clients. Passion4Fashion reserves the right to withdraw or alter these specials at any given time. The exception to this rule is if a client has made a deposit at the time that the special or free items were advertised.

Passion4Fashion may from time to time create competitions. Passion4Fashion & Marisela Veludo reserve the right to terminate the competition at any given point in time. Passion4Fashion & Marisela Veludo shall elect the respective winners at their discretion, the results are final.

Embroidery & printing

It is often requested that Passion4Fashion & Marisela Veludo are to embroider or print onto items. The client must understand that although we may offer these services, these services are outsourced and we are not responsible for the finished product. However, we will do everything in our power to ensure that this is a smooth process and all things are taken into consideration i.e.:

Colour of printing and/or embroidery
Shapes & design of printing and/or embroidery
Beading on printing and/or beading on embroidery will be done by Passion4Fashion & Marisela Veludo and is not an outsourced operation.

Consultations & premises

Appointments need to be made in advance and Passion4Fashion may refuse the right to a client to enter the premises without an appointment being made, as we work via appointment only.

  • ​Appointments for measurements & discussions on the design and fabric choices are +/- 15 minutes.
  • Appointments for fittings of your items are +/- 30 minutes.
  • If appointments for fittings need to be extended, it will be mentioned on your appointment request sent to you.
  • If your item is completed and a minor adjustment needs to be made and you have agreed with Marisela Veludo to come and collect, a meeting request with a date and time will be sent to you. A staff member of Passion4Fashion will ensure you recieve your item in a bag (if the payment has been made in full).

Whilst Passion4Fashion has made every effort to have a safe and secure environment. We do provide secure parking. However, whilst the client is within the premises of our business and if any harm is to come to the client or their possessions whilst they are here we cannot be held responsible.

The client enters the property at their own risk.

Passion4Fashion, Marisela Veludo and the client are allowed to reschedule or cancel appointments within 24 hours notice or more.

Uncollected items:


If a client leaves/forgets an item/belonging(of theirs) at our premises we cannot be held responsible if that item goes missing. We will let you know that we found it and setup an appointment for you to come and collect your item/s.once the date of the occasion has passed (the date stipulated on your quote/invoice) 6 months after the date of your occasion, if you have still not collected those items, we shall discard of it without your permission.

If a fashion item has been left here, for alterations, colour matching etc, once the date of the occasion has passed (the date stipulated on your quote/invoice). 6 months after the date of your occasion, if you have still not collected those items, we shall discard of it without your permission.

Social media & advertising

From time to time, Passion4Fashion & Marisela Veludo uses screen grabs, emails, social media messages or comments to advertise client satisfaction and/or market themselves using this material.

If a client send an image of themselves to Marisela Veludo via any means, Passion4Fashion may use that image/material to promote/advertise/market the business via their social media platforms, websites, internet advertising websites, internet business listings websites and/or in the media i.e.: newspapers, media websites, e.g.: and or magazines.

If a client would prefer not to have their media/pictures displayed, you can contact us via our website on the contact us form. Passion4Fashion will blur facial features out however the fashion item will still be displayed.

Once images are blurred, it may take several days or weeks for images to be removed or refreshed in search engine results. Passion4Fashion will do everything in their power to adhere to your request.

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