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Inspiration from everywhere

to create

Our Story

About us

Marisela Veludo, fashion designer & modelling coach. Has a flair for red carpet wear and is a natural born perfectionist. Several of her prom dress clients have won best dressed. Marisela has dressed the TV presenters of Good Morning Africa and PRTV, Miss Portugal South Africa and more.

Our Mission

To make each client, no matter their size, feel beautiful and unique with a personalised item.  Our clients are not a number. They are individuals. What better way to express their individuality through a unique dress, that after the event can be recreated by us into something everyday.

Our Vision

To see every woman, not afraid to express themselves uniquely. We want woman to stop wearing fast fashion and believe in sustainable fashion. You can read more about how we contribute to the slow fashion movement.

The greatest reward, is to see my clients reaction to the end result. I love making my ladies feel special and beautiful in what they are wearing...ALWAYS

Marisela Veludo

What we do

Custom Made Fashion

We create a one-of-a-kind dresses, custom-made with modern dressmaking methods to fit you perfectly. 

We have made dozens of dresses for more than a decade for clients such as movie stars, TV personalities and more. So we confidently say that you will love your dress, as will those who see you wearing something special, available nowhere else.

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Why we do it

Everyone deserves to look great

We make personalised dresses as we believe each woman should look express themselves by dressing uniquely.

Infused with fashion

A short story

From Marisela Veludo

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The crop top boost

It started with a crop top

Just like a relationship that starts as an egg and hatches to become a caterpillar then a butterfly.

That’s how Passion4Fashion came about.

It all started out when I was trying to create my own clothing and style. One of my memories of my first creations was of an olive-green crop top. That crop top made me feel different. My friends went crazy when they saw my top. They couldn’t believe that I made it myself.

Inspired to create

Create to inspire

From there onward there was no stopping me.

A lot of creations were made. Some thrown away. But all that practice just encouraged me to continue. Every time I created a successful new garment, it gave me a boost in confidence.  

My friends and their friends started asking me to design and make them clothes too. From skirts to tops to dresses. Through these moments I started enjoying it more and more and it felt rewarding because of the way my clothing made them feel.

So, I decided to design and make fashion part time. I didn’t limit myself either. I did fashion, interior decorating and even upholstery.

The word travelled and through the years I received more and more orders.

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Passion4Fashion was born

I have a Passion for Fashion

Now, this was the time to get more serious and turn it into a full-time passionate business.

A website was built, a logo was designed. Fortunately for me, my work spoke for itself. Word of mouth continued to grow which helped Passion4Fashion develop a trustworthy and reputable brand known nationally in South Africa.

Part of the growth of Passion4Fashion was through my modelling group/school. That I coached with my business partner, which opened small opportunities to get invited to be part of ladies’ high teas and local fashion shows. This was fun and at the same time positive as we gained some more media exposure out of it.

Fashion AND fun

Create for memories

I remember being invited to do a kid’s fashion show for a local TV channel in South Africa. Me being me, I wouldn’t just do a normal fashion show. I spiced it up and models walked “the ramp” with parrot inspired designs and of course the look was accessorised by actual parrots!

An unforgettable experience was being able to not only show my fashion but also show a modelling routine at a formal event to raise awareness about breast cancer. All my models wore dresses in different tones of pink and the guys wore matching waistcoats. With these outfits, they performed “Breath and Life”, which was the title to our choreographed dance/freeze modelling flash mob routine. This was amazing!

I loved that Oratilwe, one of my prom dress clients invited me to be part of her big night, which was filmed and broadcast across South African TV on a very popular show.

A fun experience was also when Deolize, my client, invited the TV crew to film her fittings with me and talk about her dress. This was to be a part of a new South African Afrikaans TV show dedicated to the prom night.

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From Passion4Fashion to Marisela Veludo

Why it changed

Although Passion4Fashion is quite know locally, people seemed to know me more by name. Perhaps its because my name is different…

Now the business/I, have relocated back to my home land in Europe, Portugal. So, I decided to take the opportunity to rebuild my entire website and business name to simply, just my name and what I do. So now, I am Marisela Veludo – Fashion Designer.

I am still offering and will always offer fashion design and dress making, only now my atelier is in Cascais, Lisbon.

So, if you are in the area, you can make can contact me for your appointment.

If you are not in the area, no worries, let me know and we can have a consult, fill in my measurements form, and I will have the dress delivered to you for free. 

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