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Smart Casual Clothing - Elegant Daily Wear

Dressing up casual chic daily makes you feel confident, unique and special. We customize chic casual apparel designed with you in mind, what you like and are comfortable to wear.

An elegant dress, blouse, skirt or unique outfit are created with attention to detail and made uniquely for you. You can simply start a conversation with Marisela, the fashion designer, to discuss your ideas, likes and dislikes, and then with your measurements,  custom clothing, dress or blouse gets made just for you.

There is no need to run through the frustrated stores, as they all have the same designs or similar clothes or few corlor options. No need to walk among several people who are wearing the same clothes as you are all the time.

You have more options in adjusting your outfit. The length of your dress, blouse, skirt or jacket is up to you as it is customized to your measurements. A fit of your clothes, if you want it tight fitting or loose, is made with your choices and with the advice of Marisela the fashion designer.

One of the most important factors is that corlors are also totally your choice, you can choose a print or Marisela can create a custom and unique print for you, you can choose a color or mix multiple colors as options are limitless.

Unlike fashion stores, which only have a few sizes, designs and colors to choose from.

Chic casual tailor-made casual wear is a great choice as clothes are perfect for you which makes you feel better daily, have confidence and feel visible to those who matter. Be unique and express yourself in style with something tailored to you so that you feel invincible every day, every time.

About our images: all images you see on our website are pictures sent to us by our clients. There are no stock pictures whatsoever. Our reviews are live from Facebook and image reviews are screen grabs from many clients. Mannequin pictures are taken from our studio.


2 awesome designs, over 70% off and you still have the option to choose your colour.

BONUS TIP: Chat to us if you want a specific colour not listed. 

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Marisela Veludo - Fashion Designer
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