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Ceremonial dresses, the dresses we wear to celebrate important moments in our lives and create memories. Tailor-made for you, the best option as it offers the opportunity to express yourself and to feel unique and special as you are.

Life is living, enjoying every moment by creating memories. It is essential to look and feel comfortable in our own skin. We are what we wear, a saying that is very true only by the fact that our first impressions are created with what we see first.

Unlike shopping for the perfect dress in every fashion store, that all have hundreds of the same design and color. Having your ceremony dress tailored for you will give you the opportunity to have your own unique design and color. A tailor-made dress for you is unique and fits immaculately as it is tailored to all your measurements.

A custom made ceremony dress ensures you don’t have to worry about someone else who might be at the same event as you, wearing the same dress as you.
With the guidance and professional services of Marisela Veludo, the designer, your stunning ceremony dress will be created just for you. You can discuss colors, silhouettes and details so that your dress expresses who you are, the event you will attend and what you would like to express wearing it.
Marisela Veludo creates and designs many different formal gowns for different occasions. Prom Dresses, Wedding Dresses, End year party Dresses, Party Dresses, Engagement Dresses, Formal Event Dresses and more

These creations come in all different styles and silhouettes, mermaid dresses, A-line dresses, empire cut dresses, princess dresses, short dresses, cocktail dresses, formal bodysuits and more.

About our images: all images you see on our website are pictures sent to us by our clients. There are no stock pictures whatsoever. Our reviews are live from Facebook and image reviews are screen grabs from many clients. Mannequin pictures are taken from our studio.


2 awesome designs, over 70% off and you still have the option to choose your colour.

BONUS TIP: Chat to us if you want a specific colour not listed. 

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Marisela Veludo - Fashion Designer
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