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Modern Traditional Clothing - Modern Ethnic Attire

Modern tailor-made African dresses are perfect as they are created with culture in mind but with modern styles and techniques.

It’s great to always have a traditional African dress in your wardrobe as there is always an annual function or event that you can wear it.

Traditional clothing is an important part of a region’s history and identity. There are several African cultures with their different impressions of each other. Some areas consider their national dress an unofficial uniform, to be worn only on ceremonial occasions. But today, with the change and involvement of fashion, people are more open to wearing traditional or cultural dresses or clothes more often, as is done with modern touches and techniques. People now use them at special events or even daily if the item has a print and design they really like.

They used to wear furs, but nowadays, in more modern times, they wear clothes with traditional print fabric, made in a dress or 2 pieces, a skirt and a top with a long scarf around the head.

Having your traditional dress tailored to your measurements is the best option because you have so many choices. Pattern options, colors and style. The choice of having your dress look traditional but with a modern look.

Marisela, the stylist, will guide you with what suits your figure, the colors that match the traditional print you have chosen and the design.

Adding a solid color to the design to break the print can be a perfect solution if you don’t want the end result to look too busy but still cultural and traditional enough for the traditional event or ceremony you plan to use it.

Custom-made and personalized just for you, your traditional dress will be a chic look and have a result of a stunning creation made just for you. A design that will make your friends talk, telling you how amazing you are with your traditional African dress and yet looking so modern and so well-fitting.

About our images: all images you see on our website are pictures sent to us by our clients. There are no stock pictures whatsoever. Our reviews are live from Facebook and image reviews are screen grabs from many clients. Mannequin pictures are taken from our studio.


2 awesome designs, over 70% off and you still have the option to choose your colour.

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