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Religious Dresses - Sacrament Dresses

Religious Ceremonial Clothing worn on a celebration day, a milestone in our children’s lives and ours as well.

A day we cherish forever, a day of promises, beliefs and faith. We celebrate these important days by wearing traditional dresses or clothes. Attention to detail is critical, as everything contributes to the appearance and symbolization of purity, hope, faith and, of course, beauty.

A baptism dress is usually worn when your child is still a baby. A long white dress, made of satin or lace, with details like ribbons, flowers or pearls. A dress or outfit that will make your child look like an angel.

The first communion dress is traditionally also a white dress, it can be a very simple long dress with small details. Or a princess dress with satin, tulle, lace and even sparkles or pearls.

The confirming dress, worn when your daughter is a teenager, an elegant dress with necklines and reserved style. Usually in pale colors, such as cream, pale blue, pale pink or ivory. Your daughter has a saying about design because she is old enough to come up with ideas and say what she likes, so it may be advisable to add long sleeves or a belt to emphasize the waistline, giving it a modern yet elegant feel. conserved and suitable for the occasion.

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