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Sustainable Fashion

Live Slow Fashion

We want woman to stop wearing fast fashion. Lets make your ceremonial dress into a daily casual chic item.


recycle upcycle downcycle

Wear Memories Daily

After your event, we help you to change your evening dress into a smart casual outfit that can be worn several times. 

These were only 2 of Marisela’s great ideas that she used to upcycle fashion for clients:

By changing a long mermaid dress into a mini dress. Or change a flowy dress into a maxi skirt with a crop top. By doing this, the evening dress has become versatile and you have added extra to your wardrobe.

Below are some of the methods of sustainable fashion practices that we utilise

Made-to-measure-measuring-tape. Jpg


Custom made fashion

Made to Measure

When you go to the big commercial shops you buy clothing that you think you like and that you might wear because its at a good price and lands up somewhere in your wardrobe. Having your clothing custom made, your clothing becomes one of a kind, exactly what you want so you will wear it. 


Trees of Life

Eco friendly fashion

We are a paperless environment. All customer receipts and invoices are electronic. Natural light gets used first. When we turn the lights on, we only use low power LED lighting. 

Windfarm-eco-friendly-fashion. Jpg
Animal-friendly-fashion. Jpg


Remember Mother nature

Animals have rights too

We never use any form of animal products. Full Stop.




Fabric Up Cycle

Nothing here goes to waste, all gets turned into a new creation

Upcycle-fabric. Jpg

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Marisela Veludo - Fashion Designer
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