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The bridal entourage, bridesmaids, maid of honor,  are a big part of the look and theme of the wedding, as well as the preparations involved for the wedding day.

The bride usually decides to have the bridesmaids in a color that complements the wedding theme. However, times have gotten involved and the bridesmaids, thankfully, no longer necessarily have to match the tablecloths.

The color of the dresses is of the utmost importance to the bride, so it is always better to make custom dresses so that you can choose the correct colors and all fabrics are from the same supplier.

One of the best solutions for bridesmaids is to let them be part of choosing the design for their own dress. All bridesmaids are of different shape bodies, so it may not be ideal for all of them to have the same design. Bridesmaids will feel and look more comfortable wearing something that complements their figure, but still wearing the correct wedding colors, as the bride chooses.

Silhouettes for the bridesmaids obviously should compliment their figure, but also the theme and location of the wedding. If it’s a beach wedding, it could be a knee-length dress, a 3/4 lenght dress, or a high-low dress, for example.

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