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Chanri - 2013 - prom dress review

Chanri – 2013 – Prom Dress Review

I’m in matric and every child has one big event to look forward in their last year of high school. The only thing was I did not think that my dad would pass in December. This just before my brothers 21st in January. To cover the costs my mom had to turn to a loan shark for it was her only option. Then came the first day of my last year in school. I knew my chance to make the matric farewell was slim until one of my friends approached me and offered to help with almost everything. We went on dress hunts and started with all the things necessary. I told her I want to wear a dress for that’s what my dad would have wanted. We didn’t find the rite dress. She told me Marisela might be able to help so I told my mom and we went to them. They told as our options and that we would have to pull our weight. I understood this, but wasn’t sure how to get this write as I look at my mom for advice and all she said was that the right thing will can and that God and my dad will look after us. For some reason I knew those words where thru. As we drove off we got a message that their might be another way. We turned back and she had a beautiful silver dress she said she’ll spice it up for me. I know it will look amazing and I can’t thank them enough for what they did. It almost feels like a mountain was lifted and I could only thank them. I know I will miss my father every day more and more, but he is still with me and looking out for me. I thank my father God for blessing me and crossing my path with all these wonderful people.

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